Take the Bite Out of Teething

Teething is as hard on mom and dad as it is on a precious little one. Inconsolable tears, fevers, earaches and chapped chins make for a rough few days or weeks.

What can you do to help? Some moms swear by amber teething necklaces. You could go old school and knot a clean tea towel, get it wet but not dripping, and freeze it. Babies love to chew on the knot and study the colorful design on the towel, and the cold is very soothing. Some say to rub a drop of vanilla on the emerging tooth. It can also help out with nausea from swallowing too much drool.

Have you tried freezing a cup of Yummy Organics Apple Strawberry Banana in a Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray or a Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder? Stay away from regular popsicle molds though. The stick is way too long and is a choking hazard! The fresh, naturally sweet treat is not only delicious and nutritious to keep baby chomping and busy, but the cold helps with inflammation and pain. A frozen Yummy Organics popsicle is a guilt-free treat and a multi-tasking help for busy moms!

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