Building a Strong Foundation

Your baby’s nutrition started in the womb with your organic, bountiful diet of fruits and vegetables. Now it’s time to move to thicker and more varied stage 2 foods, eventually moving to the chunkier baby foods and finger foods. Keep your little one on the path to a lifetime of good nutritional choices by building a strong foundation with Yummy Organics.

The first three years of a baby’s life are filled with growing and learning, and they need all the healthy, non-GMO nutrition you can give them from a BPA free container. While they explore everything with their mouths, discover how to communicate, explore the house, and the unadulterated joy of banging a spoon on the tile while you cook dinner, about 65% of their diet goes straight to brain development. In those three years, brain size will double and reach 80% of its adult size. Healthy gut flora is developing, protecting them against future gastrointestinal disorders, improving digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals, all while fortifying their bodies against obesity and other digestive disorders. The zeaxanthins and carotenoids found in Yummy Organics’ fresh fruits and vegetables work with the brain to develop strong eyes with improved color and depth perception.

While these are the years of crawling, then cruising and walking, and eventually stacking your furniture to climb to the top of the refrigerator, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes too.

Taste preferences are set now, so be sure to introduce a wide range of flavors, spices and textures. Stay away from added salt and sugar, which has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine. Added food color is also a big no-no; you want your baby to be drawn to what is natural and fuels all that development! When baby is ready for finger foods, steer clear of the drive thru and stick with soft foods cut in tiny chunks. Not only are their fine motor skills ready to meet the challenge, but self-feeding is foundational for speech development, hand eye coordination, and is a foundation for lifelong health and flavor predispositions.

With all that going on you’ll want to give your baby the best stage 2 foods at a price that won’t eat your budget. Your baby deserves the best, Yummy Organics.

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