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Quality isn’t just the best ingredient. Our employees are screened, our shipping and receiving standards are rigid and secure, and foods are thoroughly tested for chemicals and foreign materials by a third-party auditor. Our specialized cookers ensure each Yummy Cup is exactly the same consistency and quality as the last. At Yummy Organics and Yummy Naturals, we sleep like a baby knowing your baby is safe.

Yummy Organics and Yummy Naturals base ingredients are shipped fresh from local farms or individually quick frozen if they’re a little farther away. Our relationships with family farms ensure we receive the choice, perfectly ripe produce from every crop.

Overcooking food takes out the nutrients and changes the natural color and consistency of produce. Our food is only cooked once to preserve the fresh taste babies love, the vibrant colors of nature, and the high nutritional value they deserve.

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Your baby will love it. Free from chemicals, pesticides, artificial preservatives and GMO foods, our products are specially blended to naturally support digestion, growth, development and wellness.

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